Muze v1.1.5 incoming

A new update for Muze is incoming. This update fixes a bug that occurred when the scrobble queue reached a certain size. The update should be available soon, at the moment it is still undergoing the Marketplace submission process.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any problems (or suggestions) regarding Muze, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Muze v1.1 coming soon!!

After only releasing Muze v1.0 last week the first update is already incoming. This seemed an essential feature so I thought you should get it as soon as possible!!

Here is the changelog:

Muze v1.1 changes:

  • Muze now scrobbles songs that you listened to while it was closed. Simply play a song while the app is open and you are good to go!!
  • code cleaning
  • bug fixes
Muze v1.0 now available

Muze v1.0 HOORAAY!!

After a few weeks of wrestling with submission and getting all the licensing work done, Muze v1.0 is finally released. You can find Muze in the Marketplace on your Window Phone, or, by visiting this link.

A short description:

Muze enables you to both scrobble your played tracks to and control what you are playing. No longer do you have to switch back and forth between apps to be able to select what you want to hear and ensure that it is scrobbled.

Muze v1.0 features:

  • browse your Music collection
  • select Music to be played
  • scrobble songs to
  • queue scrobbles when no network connection is available
  • runs behind the lock screen.

Currently planned features:

  • browse your profile (recent tracks, charts and shouts)
  • view artist information (wiki, picture…)

We are always open to suggestions and criticism and encourage you to provide these by email ( or by writing a review in the Marketplace.



Muze ready for submission

As I had announced two weeks ago, Muze is now ready for its submission to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The last paperwork needed to be done and hopefully everything will now go as planned. I will update you on a release or any other news as soon as possible.

Yours, Marius

Muze v1.0 features, a first look and a look to the future

As promised last weekend I have put some information together about Muze that might interest you.

Firstly the list of v1.0 features of Muze:

  • Scrobbling of songs to (app must be running, more information below)
  • Queuing of scrobbles when there is no network connection
  • Control of your media playback in the app, this includes:
    • Ability to browse and select songs in your Music+Video Hub library (music uploaded via Zune PC software)
    • Play/Pause, Forward/Backward,Shuffle and Repeat
    • A convenient menu item to shuffle all your music
  • Viewing of your total amount of scrobbles in the main screen.

Future features:

  • Fast list navigation via alphabet buttons (like in your Windows Phone contacts list)
  • View your top charts on directly in the app
  • View Artist Information directly in the app.

If you look at the current list of features, you might notice that the app currently needs to be running to be able to scrobble your plays. This has to do with API restrictions when working with background tasks on the Windows Phone platform. Locking your screen however will not pause the app, but rather the app will still be running behind the lock screen.

If you are interested in what Muze actually looks like, take a look at the screenshots below. I hope you’ll like what you see.