Muze is a Windows Phone application which acts as a complete music player and provides you with the ability to scrobble your tracks to

Muze is available in the Windows Phone Store.


Minis are small projects which we sometimes use to test out functionality and theories.

When we deem these projects to be interesting we will sometimes publish them on this website and provide you with the source code.

Check out this project to see what Minis you can download.

About us

Gobble Studios was created by three Computer Science students of the VU University of Amsterdam.

In our spare time we busy ourselves with small projects in which we try to challenge our knowledge and creativity.

Although our projects are small we try to create products of quality. This website was made to showcase these projects.

Muze v1.9.0: Thank you for your feedback

Hi everyone,

A new version of Muze has now been released and should show up in the Windows Phone store in the next few hours.

The changes in this updates are based on feedback I received from all of you. Furthermore, it incloudes a number of fixes for issues you guys have encountered while using Muze.

Thank you for all your continued support, feedback and reports. You help make Muze better!

The following changes have been included in the update:

  • Share your current song from the bottom menu
  • Album art for the currently played song is now downloaded from
  • Layout changes to make navigating through Muze easier
  • Layout changes to make text more readable and utilize the screen better
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks based on your feedback


Muze v1.8.2 & 1.8.3: Stability improvements and Error Reporting

Hi everyone,

Yesterday a new update for Muze was released (v1.8.2). This update contains some fixes and stability improvements regarding navigation to different parts of the app.

Another update has been submitted to the store (v1.8.3). This version enables you to report errors by email. Whenever Muze crashes it will save the error and the next time you start Muze it will ask you if you want to report this error by mail.

This update should be available within the next few hours.

Reporting these errors directly by mail makes it easier to track down specific problems and also brings them to my attention much faster.

You can get the update here (it may take some time before it is available in your region's store)

Thank you for using Muze and for helping Muze get better and better!


Muze v1.8.1: Artist info

Muze App submission succesful

Hi everyone,

Muze has gotten another small update. This update should be available in the Windows Phone Store soon. You can use this link to get there even faster.

In this update you can now view information about an Artist on the Artist music collection screen. You can view this information by swiping left from the Albums overview of the Artist.

Other changes include:

- Navigation bar is visible on all pages
- General bug fixes and cleaning

In the meantime I'm still working on creating a new version for Windows Phone 8.1. However this means basically building the app from the ground up. I will update on my progress regarding this version in the coming weeks.

Any feedback or bug reports are of course always welcome. You can reach us at