Hello everyone,

Some time ago I wrote a post about logo design, at that time we didn't really have a logo. But as you can see at the top of the page the logo has changed, well this time it might even be the final logo! If you have ideas that would improve the logo, please send them in.

The Gobblers

Introducing: A Project and Me

For starters: Hello World!

My name is Steven, one of the fellow Gobblers from Gobble Studios.
I haven't been seen on the site because,.. Well because I'm busy with alot of different stuff.

Primarily because of my girl, school and hobby's which I just can't give up (ever heard about gaming? ;-))
You guys probably know the problems and their time consumation, but it's not something which should stand in the way, I know.
Maybe I was to scared to start aswell?
Who knows... Biggest point is: I'm starting, right now! I am not on the team for nothing you know. ;-)
I want to help these projects out and I'm creating one of my own.

Which brings me to the subject of project, namely: ICONic.

Now you probably want to know, "What the **** is ICONic?".
Well, let me explain in short.
The program changes letters, numbers and possibly symbols, into larger variants of them self, build out of emoticons.
These 'iconwords' can then be implemented into MSN, Yahoo, Facebook post, what ever socialmedia you like which uses emoticons, to make a funny, aggresive, sad or glad statement.
The load of an emotion will be extra carried out through this program, because of the implementing of the emoticons in the words you use.

You probably have an idea of what it may be right now, but probably not clear enough to your likes.
For that reason, I will be posting some example's in the upcoming week.

So please, be patient a little more.
I know I have made you wait with my lack of posting, since, well since the very excistence of Gobble Studios.
But It'll be worth while. :-)

Atleast you can count on the fact I'll be posting more regularly now. ;-)

The Gobblers

Thoughts on game programming

Last semester we had a course called Systems Programming, we had to program an audio streamer in the programming language C.  This made me realize a couple of things regarding the space shooter project. Which is still without a name, but that will change soon.

The first thing is a simple one:  I’m happier about a program when the code is clean. You may question why? The goal of programming is a program and why should it matter how the source code looks like? Well I don’t really know the answer to that. Maybe the next epiphany contains part of the answer.

I also realized that when I have a clear image of the solution, the code is easily and quickly written. While the times that I didn’t really know whether I was working towards the right solution my code was ugly and it took me longer to produce it. Every programming teacher will tell you that the first lesson, so I knew it but hadn’t encountered it myself in this way. The cause for that, I believe, is that we didn’t have much support during this assignment and only the goal was given. While in previous courses we got more support and if we made a wrong design decision they told us. So we basically knew we were heading in the right direction.

Now you may ask: what has this to do with the space shooter? Well I’m not progressing as fast as I want to. This is caused by a couple of things:

The project is way bigger than anything I have ever programmed. It is not about one solution to a well-defined problem, so I can’t work towards that none existing solution. A way to handle this is to create sub-problems, and then making solution for these. But there I encountered the next problem, which sub-problem should I tackle first? Well as you can imagine this isn’t easy to figure out and you have to do this every time you’re done with one of the sub-problems.

The game is completely simulation based. This is not really a problem, but causes many of them. That is because the simulation is a part of the complete application and those components need to interact with each other. The application needs the information from the simulation to draw it on the screen, the simulation needs information from rest of the application so it can for example handle user input.

While these problems do slow the project down, it is still being worked on. This is however also the reason why updates on this project have been scarce the last few months. But now that we have another project there will be more posts on the site. So there will be enough to keep you busy.


The Gobblers

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

We here at Gobble Studios would like to wish you all a happy new year. We hope 2011 will be a good one for you and hope to welcome you back soon on this humble page.

You can of course expect more updates on our ongoing projects and other developments around Gobble Studios.

The Gobblers

New Project Announcement: Music Gobbler

Hi everyone,

As promised I have a new post for you with some update on our current doings.
Work on our Space Shooter project has, after a busy period at the University been resumed by Martijn. There will probably be new information on that project soon.

Furthermore I am happy to announce our newest project:

Music Gobbler

Music Gobbler will be an application which will provide desktop access to Last.fm user information and presents this information in different ways (think of graphs of listens per artist over a period of time etc.). Later on the application might be extended to become a full-fledged media player.

This application will be programmed in C# using Windows Forms and the lastfm-sharp library. Because of the use of Windows Forms this will therefore again be a Windows platform application.

The last few days have mainly been spent on learning more about the topics needed for this application. It was necessary to discover how music can be played and controlled through C#, how the last.fm api was accessed with the library, how Windows Forms are made, how events are defined in C# and some other odds and ends. This project has therefore already been a learning experience.

At this moment only I (Marius) am working on this project so it will be both my duty and my pleasure to keep you up to date on any interesting developments on the Music Gobbler project. The next few days will most probably be used to make a basic design for the interface and define what capabilities this application needs to have. If all goes well the first baby steps on the implementation might even be made.

The Gobblers